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Welcome to the University of Tennessee Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) blog! We’re ecstatic to start a new personalized blog, featuring our officers and guest contributors in the PR community.

We’re here to talk about our experiences in public relations, share tips and tricks for PR students, give advice for graduating students, influence our PR community and support the mission of PRSSA. (PRSSA’s Mission: To provide exceptional service to our members by enhancing their education, broadening their professional network and helping launch their careers after graduation.)

We strive to embody PRSSA’s strategic plan goals of membership, leadership and service. We encourage incoming students to join our chapter of PRSSA to increase and enrich our chapter’s membership. We exhibit leadership in the PR academic community through our participation in courses, dedication to the field, professional development outside the classroom and genuine passion for public relations and communications.

We build strong ambassadors for our field and our organization as many of our former members become members of PRSA and lead in their new public relations roles after graduation.

We are dedicated to serving our public relations community through informative and useful guest speakers, referrals to top-notch internships and opportunities for professional development near and far. We also connect with the local community through engaging with local professionals and organizations like Dollywood, local agencies and more.

In addition, we provide ample opportunities for our members to interact with professionals, build their networks and succeed after graduation. After all, our best successes are our graduates. Our grads nurture our current students who then become graduates who mentor and build current students and over again in a constant cycle, continually making us all better public relations practitioners and communicators.

We are a community of PR professionals. We are leaders in our field. We are dedicated, driven students. We are volunteers. We are UT PRSSA.

Katie Matthews

Public Relations Director 2019

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