What is PRSSA?

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is the leading pre-professional public relations society in the country. All majors are welcome to join and through membership, students have access to a wide range of benefits that will enhance one’s knowledge of the public relations profession and provide resources to increase marketability. Students also have opportunities to travel and attend national events; network with professionals and colleagues; obtain access to internships and jobs around the country; and gain leadership experience and training on local, regional and national levels. Meetings are held during the school year every two weeks in the Communications Building and all are invited to attend.

The Sammie Lynn Puett Chapter 

The UT chapter of PRSSA was established in 1973. Today, the chapter has more than 100 members. The Sammie Lynn Puett Chapter works closely with the local PRSA chapter, the Knoxville Volunteer Chapter. The UT chapter is dedicated to Sammie Lynn Puett, who tragically passed away on October 11, 2001. The mission of this chapter is to serve its members by enhancing their knowledge of PR while providing access to professional development opportunities.

UTK Member Benefits 

  • Learn research skills and computer applications that you need to succeed in the public relations and communications fields.
  • Attend workshops and panels to build and target your resume and portfolio for internships and jobs.
  • Use PRSSA as a resource for finding the perfect internship or job for you.
  • Receive first-hand advice from public relations practitioners as they share their experience on a variety of PR-related topics.
  • Gain leadership experience serving on the executive board.
  • Pay reduced joining membership dues for the PRSA Volunteer Chapter upon graduation.

National Member Benefits 

  • Scholarships and Competitions: PRSSA awards nearly $20,000 in scholarships and award competitions to members each year.
  • Job Center: PRSSA’s online database of internships and jobs are available to members. The site has job hotlines, directories, professional contact information and even an online career manual.
  • National Conference: Members from across the country convene annually for the PRSSA National Conference. The conference offers professional development sessions, socials, resume critiques, networking opportunities and more.
  • FORUM: FORUM is PRSSA’s national newspaper, which contains society and industry news, tips for writing, job hunting and other topics. Any member can submit pieces to this publication – a wonderful addition to your portfolio.
  • Regional Activities: Chapters in each section of the country offer mini-conferences each spring. They provide daylong seminars on different facets of public relations, as well as chances to network.