Elections for each year’s officers will be in the spring semester. More information regarding this year’s elections will be shared closer to time. All applications should be emailed to Mazie Dee. Members will vote using an online survey to determine our newly elected officers.

Application requirements and notices:

The following are the guidelines to apply to be a 2023-2024 PRSSA Officer:

  • In 350 words or less, please introduce yourself and explain why you want to be a PRSSA Officer. This will be distributed via email to all members.
  • Attach a headshot photo.

Chapter President 

  • Motivate executive board and members through enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.
  • Preside at all membership and executive board meetings.
  • Appoint committees and advise chairs; advise members about Chapter activities.
  • Delegate responsibilities of officers and committees.
  • Direct overall Chapter operations.
  • Recommend and establish goals and objectives for the Chapter with the approval of the membership, Faculty and Professional Advisers.
  • Assist the treasurer in collecting dues and provide an accurate dues form to PRSSA Headquarters by Nov. 1 and March 1.
  • Stay in contact with the PRSSA National Committee.

Vice President

  • Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.
  • Perform presidential duties if the president is absent or unable to perform them.
  • Help the president coordinate and direct committee activities and Chapter operations.
  • Perform duties as delegated by the president.
  • Counsel the president by recommending goals, objectives, plans and programs.
  • Coordinate and disseminate information about the PRSA New Professionals Section and PRSA Associate Membership for graduating PRSSA members.

Public Relations Director

  • Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.
  • Produce the Chapter newsletter on a regular basis throughout the school year.
  • Produce and oversee the Chapter website.
  • Produce or oversee Chapter News on the national website, http://prssa.prsa.org/.
  • Post announcements for Chapter meetings throughout campus and social media channels.
  • Coordinate Chapter press releases, feature articles, advertising and brochures.
  • Handle all campus and area press issues.
  • Promote recruitment and retention with brochures, fliers and other tactics.


  • Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.
  • Prepare agendas with assistance by the president; handle Chapter correspondence.
  • Record and distribute the minutes of all executive board and membership meetings.
  • Maintain a record of Chapter members with school and permanent home addresses.
  • Keep the Chapter’s charter, other permanent documents and Chapter Handbook.
  • Notify PRSSA Headquarters and PRSA sponsor Chapters of changes in Chapter leaders through the Chapter Officer Form at the end of the academic year.


  • Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.
  • Work with the president in preparing the annual budget.
  • Collect Chapter and national dues, with the assistance of the president, and completely and accurately prepare the PRSSA dues form.
  • Provide financial reports periodically to the Chapter membership.
  • Collect fees for any Chapter special events and fundraisers.
  • Disburse Chapter funds with proper approval.
  • Provide safekeeping for all Chapter funds and keep accurate financial records.

Only dues paying members may vote for executive office candidates.